In partnership with the international safety and regulatory compliance consulting firm Burdock Group, the FAFF initiative is excited to kick off our webinar series on October 1, 2019.


Our webinar series serve as a resource about food and feed regulatory issues for the algae industry. If you are interested in partnering with FAFF on a webinar, please email us at info@futureofalgae.org.

Share Your Ideas!

Is there a certain topic you'd like us to address in a future webinar? Is there a guest speaker you'd like to hear from? Please email us here with your suggestions. Thanks!

Webinar schedule

Tuesday October 1, 2019

12pm PT

Food and Dietary Supplement Regulations:

Application to Algal-based Ingredient Commercialization

Thursday November 7, 2019

12pm PT

Algal-based Ingredients:

Navigating a Complex Regulatory Environment for Animal Feed Uses