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The Future of Algae for Food & Feed (FAFF) initiative was created as an engine for innovation and collaboration to accelerate the development of cost competitive algae-based food and feed products in the global marketplace. Algae is an essential solution to the increasing demand for food and proteins.


As the global population and its food demands rise - along with climate change, water shortages, pollution, and soil degradation -  an international food security crisis will occur if additional food sources are not proactively developed.


Microalgae in particular have a demonstrated ability to produce high quality proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids in an efficient and scalable manner, without a significant increase in our use of potable water, arable land, or fossil energy. Although microalgae offer enormous potential for both food and feed production, microalgae products are not presently a commodity food option, as additional development and infrastructure build out are required to enable economic production of products from algae.

FAFF has three strategic initiatives:


Regulatory Support

Establish CAID as an up-to-date resource for current regulatory guidelines and policy trends providing educational tools and webinars within the algae industry.


research + development

Algae Ingredient Approval to advance algae in the global marketplace. 


education + marketing

Center for Algae Innovation + Development (CAID)