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Hawaiian Poke Bowls


Algae deliver global, game-changing food and feed solutions, providing an expansion of resources that protects our planet and feeds its growing population.


According to the World Economic Forum, by 2050 the global population is expected to reach 9.8 billion, with food demand anticipated to be 70% higher than it is today. 

The Algae for Food & Feed initiative is an engine for innovation and collaboration to accelerate the development of cost competitive algae-based food and feed products in the global marketplace.

Research and development (R&D), multidiscipline collaboration, and production scale demonstration must continue to occur for algae products to be competitive with existing global markets.

by the numbers

9.8 billion
global population by 2050
Source: World Economic Forum

3.2 metric tons

amount of CO2 algae industries could help mitigate into the atmosphere by 2030
Source: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
$32 billion

potential market size

of algae products by 2030

Source: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions


The US is currently a global leader in algae R&D, and the opportunity to create the next generation of new, innovative, and sustainable products is in America’s heartland - spurring job creation as part of the new bioeconomy.

Algae for Food and Feed, along with the Algae Center of Excellence, will continue to highlight and support job creation in the algae industry and encourage economic development in rural communities. 

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